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Clean, reliable power when we need it most

Our commitment to study and reduce construction impacts

We know that construction of large infrastructure has the potential to create impacts for local residents. We are committed to developing and implementing a comprehensive plan that avoids or minimizes those impacts in ways that work best for Meaford and the surrounding community.

Starting with extensive pre-construction community engagement, we will develop noise, air, traffic, infrastructure and other impact plans, and we will gather continuous stakeholder feedback to ensure that the plans remain effective as the project progresses.

Before we begin construction, the project will undergo rigorous provincial and federal environmental assessments to fully understand and limit potential environmental, health, social and economic impacts.

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How will you work with the community to develop construction plans that make sense?

Project Director's community update

Questions, concerns or feedback on the proposed Ontario Pumped Storage Project?

On behalf of the project team, I am pleased to share this update on our Ontario Pumped Storage Project (OPS). It’s been a busy and productive several months as we’ve enhanced our community engagement efforts, further refined our design to protect and preserve Georgian Bay and begun the important work of ensuring that your community realizes the full economic benefits that the Project can generate locally.

We are committed to contributing to Meaford now and for the long term and are pleased to have begun discussions with Meaford around a potential Community Betterment Agreement, as directed by Municipal Council.

Project Director John Mikkelsen, P.Eng. M.A.Sc.

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The Ontario Pumped Storage Project (OPSP) will cut greenhouse gas emissions while providing clean, reliable and affordable energy to power Ontario homes and businesses.

Over the coming years, Ontario’s electricity demand is expected to increase. As we transition away from natural-gas power generation we need to work now to ensure our electricity infrastructure can handle that demand. The Independent Electricity System Operator (IESO) estimates that Ontario needs 5,000 to 15,000 megawatts (MW) of new electricity production by 2035. When operational, the OPSP will provide 1,000 MW of flexible, clean energy to Ontario's electricity system — that's enough to power a million homes for up to eight hours.

Emission-free power generation, such as nuclear, wind and hydro often generates electricity when it’s not needed and is not available when consumers want it. Using water and gravity, this project is effectively a natural battery that will store electricity for when it is needed most and will reduce carbon emissions by 490,000 tonnes per year, equivalent to taking 150,000 cars off Ontario’s roads.

It is a made-in-Ontario solution that will provide clean, reliable, secure and cost-effective electricity for the whole province.

What is pumped storage?

Pumped storage is an effective, responsible way for Ontario to meet its electricity and power system needs.

Using water and gravity, pumped storage acts like a giant battery. It stores excess electricity when demand is low and makes it available when it is high.

This made-in-Ontario project will use state-of-the-art technology to pump water from Georgian Bay to an upper reservoir when electricity demand is low, typically at night.

When electricity demand is high, typically during the day, the water flows from the upper reservoir to Georgian Bay, passing through a turbine, releasing energy back into the system to be used as electricity.

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